About Our Parish

Saint Mary Parish is a Roman Catholic Community located at 178 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut and founded in 1874. The parish consists of the rectory, the stone church, parish center, but most important, the community, clergy and staff is what makes the parish strong and functional with the presence of God in the community. Reverend Michael K. Jones is the current Pastor who has been with the parish since 2021.

On May 18, 1879, the parishioners of St. Mary gathered for the dedication of their new white frame colonial church with its graceful steeple overlooking Greenwich Avenue. The church seated seven hundred and fifty people, with room for two hundred children in the gallery. Some who were there that day may have remembered the time when they were a small group of lonely Catholics in a strange land.

To the dismay of the parishioners, on May 16, 1900, their beautiful white church was completely destroyed by fire which started in the building where carriages and sleighs were built. The fire raged for three hours on both sides of Greenwich Avenue, damaging many buildings and destroying others. The church burned to the ground in an hour. Several men braved the flames in the burning church and carried the altar outside to safety.

On September 23, 1900, the cornerstones of both the church and school were laid. The stone for the church was Greenwich free stone which was cut from the local quarries. On September 3, 1905, an overflow congregation attended the dedication ceremonies.

The role of St. Mary Parish is changing but the faith of St. Mary's people is unchanging. It is a faith rooted in the past. We salute those who have gone before us. They have left us an outstanding spiritual legacy of faith, devotion, and courage in the face of change, a foundation that guides us toward the future with hope and confidence.


Pastors of St. Mary

Rev. Michael K. Jones

Rev Cyprian P. La Pastina

Rev Msgr Frank C. Wissel

Rev Msgr Charles W. Stubbs

Rev Martin B. Hitchcock

Rev Msgr John J. Toomey

Rev Msgr Michael J. Guerin

Rev Alexander Wollschlager

Rev James Q. Dolan

Rev Frederick J. Murphy

Rev John Fitzgerald

Rev Thomas Smith

Rev Denis J. Cremin

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